Vamsam has spent 3 years researching fertility treatments and is proud to say that it collaborates with highly trained and experienced reproductive endocrinologist, obstetrician and gynecologist, who provide the latest fertility treatments and technologies which adheres to international standards of quality.

We offer unbiased expertise through our comprehensive services that will allow you to solve your infertility problems.

Once you contact us, we will guide you through the following process.

    1. Arrange for a Face to Face Pre Screening. Pre Screening will involve getting to know your history in regards to infertility issues.

    3. Subsequently, a blood test will be carried out. You will be guided to go to a Laboratory for this purpose . The results will be shared to you via a phone call and/or e-mail.

    5. The next step is a video conference call with a Doctor for a consultation. Medication will be prescribed at this stage where necessary.

    7. Thereafter, upon the Doctors’ recommendation, the couple can proceed with the treatment. The following treatment options will be provided at selected hospitals.

Know Your Treatment Options.

Before you start the treatment, you will be further screened to maximize the chances of getting pregnant. Blood tests are standard to determine the hormone level and other illnesses.


For women, cervical screening to detect any abnormality in the cervix will be done. Ovarian reserve tests will be conducted to measure the quantity and quality of eggs.


For men, semen analysis will be done to ensure it is of the right quality and does not have abnormalities. Urine tests will also be done to ensure suitability.


These important tests are part of the process to ensure you are suitable for the various treatment options.

We have been consistently recognized for our exceptional outcomes and services. We were able to help many couples embrace the joys of parenthood.



Vamsam’s social works are predominantly inclined towards helping couples experiencing challenges in getting pregnant.

Having faced similar issues not too long ago in my marriage, made me realize that for most of us, presence of a child is pivotal for a happy and lasting relationship.

Since then, I have endeavored to reach out and help as many couples out there who are going through infertility. For some women, the infertility stigma hurt them so badly that everything around them crumbles.

Since 2018, Vamsam has collaborated with fertility treatment centers from India and several NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) to bring awareness to Malaysians.