Getting pregnant wasn’t easy; staying pregnant proved almost impossible. I have experienced so much traumatic loss along my journey,but today I am a mother.My husband, family, and one very special baby boy named Ibrahim kept me going. I was able to find my way, and my experience has become a powerful force that allows me to help others.My husband and I met later in life and I was in my late 30s before we started trying. It took us more than 6 years and 5 IVFs to become pregnant.

The moment our pregnancy test turned positive was the most amazing feeling.We were over the moon! At doctors’ appointments, I treasured every time we heard our baby’s heartbeat. When our baby started moving, it was absolutely magical.Yes, I experienced a lot of the setbacks during IVF treatment. My first 3 treatments were done in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur and it was all a failure.After seeing an Advertisement on TV for an IVF treatment which has had high success rates in India, I chose to fly there for my 4th IVF. It was a success. However, as I flew home to Kuala Lumpur during the early week of pregnancy, I lost my unborn child.
  • Then, suddenly,all the joys of pregnancy came to a screeching halt . I was distraught, but somehow not hopeless.
  • I went for my 5th IVF in India, and it was a success. I was so happy that in a few short months our baby was going to arrive into the world.
  • I was carrying triplets,however during my pregnancy, unfortunately I lost 2 babies. With extra care, I carried 1 baby to term and I am blessed to be a Mother to a beautiful baby girl whom I named Khirrtana.
  • Khirrtana will grow up knowing that she is deeply loved! She will understand that she is here because her parents didn’t give up.
  • To share my experience and bring joy to other couples, I started Vamsam Fertility and Health Care.
  • Vamsam is my attempt to change the world’s perspective on infertility.
  • I work with individuals and couples experiencing infertility or loss, and those exploring other paths to parenthood to help them move forward despite so many challenges.
  • I also work with corporations and Non-Government organizations to organize free counselling services to help them understand the experiences I had navigating these issues.


It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.

If I can do it, you can too.

Ibrahim - My Inspiration 

Ibrahim is a beautiful baby boy that I have been caring for since he was 4 months old. He is now 5 years old. His parents were refugees from Myanmar and due to their difficult lives, I offered them help and cared for their son. I shower him and his parents with essential items and gifts from time to time. I celebrate his birthday with the refugee community, family and friends every year.


I believe my love for Ibrahim has brought me blessings in the form of my own child. For that, I am forever appreciative to Ibrahim, his parents and above all God for trusting me to give the best that I can.