Joyous Bangle Ceremony


28th June 2020, marked a joyous day where the occasion of Bangle Ceremony took place for Mrs. Kathirvelu Malliga.

After consultation with Vamsam Fertility and Health Care and in their 4th treatment, the couple successfully became pregnant. At 43 years of age and after 22 years of marriage, the impossible was made possible by Vamsam.

‘Valaikappu’ in Tamil, also known as the bangle ceremony, is a Hindu ritual for a pregnant lady who is in the last trimester. It is a time when family and friends gather to convey their best wishes to the couple who are going to be parents. On this special occasion, according to tradition, Mrs. Kathirvelu Malliga, was dressed up in her wedding saree, flowers in hair and adorned with gold ornaments. The highlight of the day was where women put red and green bangles to the mother-to-be and blessed her to have a safe delivery. It is believed that the bangles will make a wonderful sound to be heard by the baby in the womb.

Traditional Indian meals were served to all guests in attendance. Now all that's left to do is waiting for the little one's arrival.


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