Caring for Yourself Before and After IVF Treatment 

And During Pregnancy

You need to be very careful about your health during and after the IVF treatment is done, so that your baby is born in a healthy and safe manner. Below are some tips to guide you.

Early Signs of Pregnancy.

  1. Missed Period
  2. Increased Body Temperature When Resting
  3. A Heightened Sense of Smell

  4. Nausea with or Without Vomiting

  5. Frequent Urination

  6. Tiredness or Fatigue

  7. Backaches, Headaches and Dizziness

  8. Shortness of Breath

  9. Cravings and Aversions

  10. Cramps

How to Cope with Stress During Fertility Treatment

Infertility treatments mean a whole set of new additional stresses. Some stress during this treatment and pregnancy is normal. However, it should be of concern when stress becomes constant that it affects you and your baby.