Vamsam’s social works are predominantly inclined towards helping couples experiencing challenges in getting pregnant. Having faced similar issues not too long ago in my marriage, made me realize that for most of us, presence of a child is pivotal for a happy and lasting relationship.

Since then, I have endeavored to reach out and help as many couples out there who are going through infertility. For some women, the infertility stigma hurt them so badly that everything around them crumbles.

Since 2018, Vamsam has collaborated with fertility treatment centers from India and several NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) to bring awareness to Malaysians.

For year 2020, we commenced with our first program of the year on the 12th January 2020. We had Doctors from a reputable fertility center from India to come and give a talk at a premise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The turnout for the program was encouraging. We had over 100 attendees. Via this fertility center, we are able to recommend treatment at a considerably lower and affordable fees.

We continue to provide this free awareness program and counselling services throughout 2020 and beyond. We hope with this, more couples will come forward, attend the programs, consult with qualified doctors and seek assistance from Vamsam Fertility and have the chance of bringing bundles of joy into their lives.

As it has been from the beginning, our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe in the pursuit of doing good.

Look out for our upcoming Awareness Programmes. We will soon update you with the details.