Vamsam Fertility and Health Care (Vamsam) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has offered hope to many couples seeking fertility treatments.

Connecting childless couples with established and proven fertility treatment centres has been the forefront of the service offered by Vamsam since its inception in 2018.

Vamsam gives advice, arranges for free fertility awareness programs and guides couples throughout the treatment process.

Let’s explore the possibilities and embark on a beautiful journey to parenthood.

There is Still Hope. You can be a parent too.

Our Vision

  • To promote awareness on infertility and reproductive health through free counselling, informative resources and emotional support throughout the family building journey.

Our Mission

  • To continue raising awareness and assisting couples experiencing fertility challenges on affordable treatment options and quality health care.

Why Choose Vamsam?

There may be many centres out there and you may source for your own Doctors and Fertility Clinics, but read on why you should choose Vamsam Fertility and Health Care for your needs.

  1. Vamsam is headed by an experienced Founder/Consultant who have undergone IVF treatment and is successful with a 3-year old child.
  2. Vamsam has treated more than 10 couples and have a high success rate. You can read all about it at the Testimonial section .
  3. Vamsam sources for an affordable treatment from the best and renowned hospital and pairs couples with hospitals with the most advanced technology.
  4. Vamsam endeavours to answer all your pressing questions via free consultation sessions. For those in Klang Valley and some parts of Malaysia, face to face sessions will be arranged. For those who are from other parts of Malaysia and/or the world, we shall arrange video conferencing sessions.
  5. Vamsam arranges for regular Free Awareness programs for couples looking for fertility treatment. It has been doing so since 2018.

Finding a reliable and reputable fertility clinic and specialist requires careful thought and consideration. Avoid costly mistakes. Come and talk to Us.